Re Shape Your Booty With Squats

Squats – Gotta Love Em!!


So Ladies, if I say squats what do you think?

“oh god”, pain, nooooo!, why?

Ok let’s just take a quick look at Why to start with and then When


How’s your butt been looking on the beach this summer, have you been showing it off in a beautiful bikini or swimsuit, or has it been hidden away under boardies or a sarong?

Hidden, well there is your answer right there, the very reason you need to squat

Not only is the good old Gluteus Maximus the largest muscle in the human body, therefore will burn heaps of calories in a workout, but it is also the chief antigravity muscle. So, if you want your butt to stay where it was in your early twenties and not gradually slide down the back of your legs, GET SQUATTING!

When?   Now!

If you want to be spring/summer ready you need to work out in Autumn/Winter NOT early summer, sorry to disappoint you but when the weather warms up and you have to start stripping clothes off you’ve missed the boat for that summer and you just might have to hide that saggy butt for another summer.

So get your butt to the gym now, follow an online program now, get yourself a trainer now, learn how to squat properly now and let’s get our bootysilhouette-squats looking bootiful x

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