Insulin! Is it really important in weight loss?

Insulin, one of those very important, but possibly a little overlooked hormones that help our body to perform daily miracles.

Yep that’s right, Insulin is a hormone.

And Yes it can affect weight loss

What does Insulin do? very basically, it helps the body to absorb nutrients (mainly sugars from carbs) from the food we eat and send them off to organs/muscles where they can be used as energy.

How does that affect weight loss I hear you ask, stay with me here …..

You know when you do something a lot or eat/drink something often the effect kind of wears off, so it doesn’t taste so strong any more or you don’t get the same buzz?

Well, the same thing happens with Insulin

The more simple carbs you eat (think refined processed foods, sugar, packaged foods, sugar, added sugar, are you getting the picture?), the more Insulin your Pancreas produces and the less sensitive your body becomes to it.

This is not great for lots of reasons, here are just two of them

  1. If Insulin sensitivity is low, over time Type 2 diabetes becomes a definite possibility
  2. Low Insulin sensitivity affects how the food you eat is metabolized. Meaning, instead of some of it being delivered to organs and muscles to be used for energy, it may possibly be stored as fat instead.

There you have it, a very simplified explanation of how, not only what calories (energy) you are eating, but also where those calories are coming from will affect your weight loss.

But don’t loose all faith, help is never far away……………




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