A Week in the life of being Mom

Wow, what a week!

You just never know what you are signing up for when you decide that you simply must add children to your life do you?

I don’t know about  you, but I never got past the thoughts of a beautiful baby smelling of powder and gently giggling and gurgling

But then they grow up – no one ever warns you about that bit do they!

My very soon to be 12 year old is having problems coping with the whole crush on a boy thing. SHE IS ELEVEN!!! Holy Moly, at her age I didn’t even know boys existed other than in the form of an annoying brother. But fast forward 40 years and they are expected at 11 to know how to deal with the whole ‘he likes you, do you like him” scenario

Needless to say, cope she didn’t and we ended up lying on my bed having the type of conversation  I NEVER had with my Mother and sharing out the tissues.

Anyway, Mom to the rescue blindly stumbling along having little idea what I am actually doing and working from 40 year old memories, god help her, and surprisingly all was well in the end

Which brings me to my next task of the week that I am sure I didn’t sign up for

For reasons that I wont bore you with, my daughter currently appears to be hand raising 2 chicks. Anyway one of the chicks arrives here with what is known as putty bottom – I know!!!!! go google it, so my next job is to remove an accumulation of poop that has backed up into the poor chicks butt and is a risk of killing it – you don’t poop you die!

Notice this became MY job, strange that.

And all the time i’m just wondering how my life came to this point…………………..



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