Are hormones making you fat?

Let me introduce two new friends to you

Leptin      and    Ghrelin

Now, in case you haven’t met these two before let me give you a brief description

Our friend Leptin is made in our fat cells and has the job of decreasing our appetite, Ghrelin, on the other hand has the job of increasing our appetite.

Both work to maintain homeostatis in the body and both get their signals messed up by obesity!

So you would think that the more body fat you carry the lower your appetite would be right? No!

As always there is a twist, the Leptin stops doing its job effectively when levels get high. As with Insulin your body develops a resistance to Leptin which starts a viscous cycle

Higher body fat = higher leptin levels but also prevents Leptin from sending the correct message to the Hypothalamus = brain thinks you are hungry = you eat more food = you gain more body fat = you eat more = you gain more fat = you eat more …………………..

Which brings me to my point

Diets Dont Work Long Term!!

Constantly eating less calories than your body needs increases Ghrelin levels so you get hungrier. Eventually most dieters  will crumble and probably over indulge thus leading to more body fat therefore more Leptin and off starts the cycle again

If we change our lifestyle one meal at a time, one activity at a time you will gain better, longer lasting results without the stress of dieting, but that is for another post ……………………….

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