No time, No equipment, No excuse!

So you want to exercise but just don’t have the time, the money or the equipment?

Yep, we could use those excuses, or we could start to think outside the box a little, that is if you really do want to exercise?

Lets take a look at the first excuse

No time, Really! How long did you spend on social media today, how long did you watch TV for, how long did you wander round the shops in your lunch break, how many times did you hit snooze this morning, how long did you spend texting friends?

We all have 24 hours in a day and on average sleep 6-8, work 8-9, travel 1-2, eat for 1.5 that leaves 2.5 hours free time

You only need to exercise for 30 mins a day to increase your general health and fitness which still leaves you 2 hours up your sleeve

Now, I realize  the above figures are a loose approximation, but they are just to show you that we all have time or can move things around to make time – if we really want to exercise

Second excuse, don’t have the money. You don’t need money to exercise full stop!

And last but not least, don’t have the equipment. As with the money excuse – you do not need equipment to exercise to increase health and fitness.

Why not try

walking, sea swimming or walking, free outdoor exercise equipment, stair walks, beach walking, ball games, playground play with kids, gardening, cleaning, lawn moving, cleaning your car, walking the dog or a neighbours dog, follow an online exercise video, squats, push ups, star jumps,step ups, skipping with or without a rope, running, planks, sit ups, take the stairs, park away from the shops or office, organise a lunch time walking group at work

The list goes on and on. Spend 10 minutes planning your weeks exercise, 30 minutes a day eg 20 minute walk followed by  10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 step ups and 20 high knee marches Done!

So come on everyone, there really is no excuse. Get your self organised, get your excuses out of the way, get your butt of the settee and get MOVING!!

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