Funny old world


Everyone seems a bit stir crazy after been stuck in the house for 2 days with cyclone Debbie, and it dosen’t seem to matter that we have been busy since, nothing is shaking the feeling

Today we went mall shopping. A fate I would usually avoid like the plague with the two kids but we needed to get school shoes so they had to come

OMG! $170 for 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of trainers and that was with one at half price, what the flip is that all about. The school shoes for my daughter were $140!! I cant remember the last time I spent that much on, well  anything actually for me, obviously it was pre kids because now it all goes on them

The next thing will be school camp, which we have already had a pre warning email to let us know it will be near enough $400, again what the!!! I never went on school camp and I survived, and why cant they just go to a local ish camp ground and stay in a tent for $10 a night, why does it have to cost the same as taking the whole family away for a long weekend?

Are we all just getting caught up in a cycle of what our kids must do or must have to become decent adults. Back in my day there was a big box of trainers in the classroom, think black slip ons with no grip, and when it came time for PE lesson we all just dove in and found some that sort of fitted if we were lucky and we survived. Can you just imagine that happening now!

We even survived the big metal climbing frame over concrete, where it was quite normal to be down a child after lunch time because they had fallen off and “cracked their heads open”, no one batted an eyelid. Just like no one cared if we did cartwheels, handstands or back flips on concrete – all of which I hear are banned now as they are far too dangerous

We all ate the food that was put in front of us by the fearsome dinner ladies who all trundled in with their purple cauliflower hairstyles to terrorize us for an hour each lunch time. I can remember many times sitting crying because some disgusting barley, split pea stew was making me want to vomit, but no way was I allowed to move until I had eaten all of it, my goodness can you imagine that now. An unqualified person making your child eat food that they didn’t want to, holy moly there would be lawsuits flying everywhere!

You have to wonder how we got to this point, funny thing is we all survived

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