To Diet or Not to Diet


How does that word make you feel?

Anxious or relaxed, happy or sad, excited or bored, motivated or unmotivated?

Obviously I can only answer for me, but something along the lines of anxious, sad, bored and unmotivated would pretty much cover how it makes me feel and, in my experience a lot of you out there too

Why do we do it, why do we set ourselves up to fail, trotting along like sheep following the next miracle diet or taking the next miracle shake or pill?

Maybe because of a multi billion dollar  industry putting adverts out that tell us how fantastic our lives will be, how happy we will be, how free we will be if we just use this xyz product, take our calorie intake to some ridiculously low level and deny ourselves any of the food that we so clearly have enjoyed way too much of up to this point

Do you know the part that really upsets me is that we fall for it time and time again,  creating a vicious cycle of yoyo dieting, resulting in even more weight gain therefore feeding the industry monster who is then able to throw even more miracle products your way

In my experience diets do not work. What does work is educating people on how to change their lifestyle. A quick fix 12 week plan might be ok for the 12 weeks but what are you going to do after? generally revert back to the way you ate before. It takes enormous self-control to resist anything other than what is written on a sheet in front of you, I would challenge even a saint to do that for the rest of their lives, let alone your average person trying to deal with daily stresses and feeling denied any pleasure from food!

Changing your lifestyle one step at a time, one meal at a time, one new flavour at a time, one walk or set of exercises at a time will increase you health and fitness which in turn will allow your body to naturally release fat and return to equilibrium

A lifestyle change means changing the style in which you live your life in order to create a benefit

Don’t you agree that improving your health is a massive benefit?

2 thoughts on “To Diet or Not to Diet

  1. HI admin, I really like your thoughts about not do dieting because i think the same that one should not diet as it makes you debilitated and you will feel Hungary all the time. I also really like the idea about changing lifestyle because it is a right way to archive our desire fitness without doing dieting……Great article….thanks for the awesome suggestions

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