Ever Considered Oats?

When was the last time you ate a bowl of porridge? Sometime back in the day when your Mom made you before school, telling you it was going to make you big and strong. Good old Mom, she was not far from the truth, with research over the years informing us that the old favorite staple of oats is actually excellent for our health

Oats have for a long time been considered to have health benefits that are many and varied from lowering total LDL(bad) cholesterol and improving HDL (good)cholesterol, to lowering blood pressure and regulating glycemic and insulin responses. Being low GI(slow release of energy) oats aid satiety making you feel full for longer therefore help to regulate body weight.  More recent findings show that the fiber content of oats has an effect on gut health and bacteria similar to that of pre/pro biotics


What does that mean in our everyday lives?


Lowering total cholesterol levels whilst improving good cholesterol levels as we already know, helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Cardiovascular disease in 2015, killed over 45,000 Australians, approximately 1 million Australians are living with Diabetes -130,000 of those with type 1 diabetes. Diet and exercise plays a large part in the prevention and treatment of both.

More good news, oats by increasing immunoglobulins in the blood, help to boost the immune system. Research by Cheickna Daou & Hui Zhang, has shown that oats may also decrease the risk of cancer and improve the quality of chemotherapy treatment

Now do you feel like adding Oats to your diet?


How to get more Oats into your diet


Calm down you don’t have to live on porridge for the rest of your life, although it’s not a bad dish to have as a regular part of your diet. Let’s take a look at how else we can sneak oats in

Smoothies – throw a scoop or two in with your regular smoothie mix

Add to Protein or bliss balls

Overnight oats and fruit make a beautiful breakfast

Granola – try making it yourself

Oatmeal bars homemade of course

Add them into your baking, even breads and muffins

Add to salads and or vegetables

Get you google on, there are hundreds of recipes out there that include Oats even as main meal dishes, go and take a look you will be surprised


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