Having just been on holiday I have once again had the experience of working out in a strange gym, something that because I have my own gym does not happen very often.

So lets set the scene, this was a very small gym with very limited equipment so working out involved being in someones space and sharing. Anyway, I arrive expecting it to be empty so happily walk through the door only to be faced with a pretty full gym, a pretty full gym full of the “big guys”

Now I have been a personal trainer for ever and have been in and around gyms for even longer than that BUT, still as a woman walking, over hot coals would be preferable to walking into a small gym full of guys

Why is that, why do women feel intimidated by men in gyms?

Is it because we have to cut through the testosterone and wade through piles of ego just to be able to get to the equipment, or is it that you know you are being assessed either on the way you look or on whether you are “manly” enough to be in the weights area of a gym?

Anyway my experience continued rather comically – One of the big guys was carrying out a single arm row, funnily enough I am doing the same exercise and using the same weights. So I collect my weight and go back to my corner only to be followed by said big guy who came to show his concern that, although I had managed by myself to lift the weight from the weight rack and carry it across the room, I had in fact chosen the wrong weight and possibly should try a different one!

Now because I have years of experience of working in gyms in a fog of testosterone this was water off a ducks back and made me giggle. But it did get me thinking about how I might of reacted if I had less confidence or low self esteem, would I have walked away never to enter the gym again – possibly

I have ladies train with me every day who I know would never have the courage to enter a commercial gym, and most of them are equally as strong and a lot fitter than the very people who are intimidating them

So you know what ladies – massive high five to all of you, you are all beautiful, strong women and should not be intimidated when entering a gym no matter how you look or how fit you are. Get out there, be proud of your body, hold your head high and smash out an awesome workout

Why? Because you are worth it!




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