Its Easier Than You Think

Health, something you really don’t appreciate until its gone or under threat, so  why do we treat it in such a flippant manner?

Have we ever known and or understood how to treat our bodies in a way that will maintain health and longevity, or have we always just made a half hearted effort, a token gesture that keeps our conscience happy. Or did we not have to worry so much in the past as we didn’t have the enormous availability of foods and we were more active with the absence of technology, public transport, mobile phones etc

If I think back to my childhood there were different beliefs around nutrition. My brother was born with a heart problem so was always given the cream off the top of the milk, extra butter on his bread and plenty of red meat. We would eat dripping sandwiches, plenty of eggs and the fat on a joint of meat was always fought over! But this food was always accompanied by fruit and vegetables, all of it was fresh, none of it packaged and portions were smaller. In between meal times we were active, playing outside until bed time, walking to school, helping Mom carry the shopping home, walking to the phone box rather than texting, rarely did we sit for long periods

There was no McRubbish, no pizza delivery or pizza for that matter, no food courts, crisps came in small bags and the chocolate bar choice was far less.

Would our diet back then be recognized as healthy today, probably not totally but it was more balanced and was definitely offset by a more active lifestyle

Let me ask you, when did you step out of your front door and just go for a walk, walk to a friends rather than text or call, walk to the shops, leave the car at home?

When did you last limit your shopping to the outside area of the supermarket, avoiding the isles filled with processed wonders. While we are on that point – have you ever noticed how the fruit and veg just quietly sits there looking beautiful and full of colour, while the processed food screams at you about its added vitamins, protein, fiber etc,  something that once upon a time when it was real food it already contained only to have removed during processing and then re added when people began to realize that it was now completely devoid of nutrients

Now I get it, life is to be lived and who wants to go through life worrying about what you should avoid to be fit and healthy

So how about if we looked at general health in a different way. How about if we kept everything on the menu, lost the guilt we attach to food and eating and started to think of food as exactly that – not good not bad, just fuel that we need to live, similar to oxygen!

Admittedly some of that food will fuel our body with way more benefit than others, so how can we make sure we are eating good fuel at least 80% of the time – pay attention to what is on your plate, simple!

How colourful is it – eat rainbows, did it come in a packet or box or is it fresh, does it look like food your granny would recognize or has it been so processed that it no longer resembles any food type, are you eating a mixture of foods originating from different food groups, how does the food you are eating make you feel?

Do you think you could do that 80% of the time, I think you could, and I think you would be surprised at just how easy it can be, No more good and bad, no more guilt, nothing off the menu – just be aware, take time to really look at what you are eating, throw in a handful of care and appreciate your healthy body

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