Preparing To Be Healthy

How ridiculous, you don’t need to prepare to be healthy, you just be healthy


Ok, so lets say your life looks something similar to this

Get up feeling tired, get kids up, feed kids, pets, partner and possibly yourself, get kids lunches and bags ready, tidy up, get kids to school/day care, go to work, work 8 hours then leave work and collect kids, get home, cook dinner, feed family, homework, get kids ready for bed, tidy house, do washing, go to bed, repeat

And that is leaving out after school activities, shopping, cleaning etc

You really think you are going to be able to go from that to including health meals, exercise, relaxation – all on a wish and a prayer

Sorry folks but in my experience and the experience of the clients I work with – that aint going happen!

Oh you might muddle through for 2 or maybe 3 days then the novelty will wear off, the exhaustion will kick in, it will all become too hard and you will be right back where you started accompanied by a barrow load of guilt for failing

Sound familiar?

So how do we make that change to a healthier lifestyle

First – throw out your scales please, I know It’s like cutting off your leg BUT they are the most over rated, over used pile of nonsense that we have in our homes, put them away or in the bin – NOW

Next make time – yes make time it is important. Shut yourself in the toilet if needs be but take 20 mins to sit and write 50 reasons why you want to change and live a healthier lifestyle, dig deep, have a cry whatever just get 50 things on paper, then when you are having a crappy day pull this list out to remind you of why you are doing this and what it will cost you if you don’t do it

Now we need to plan, remember it has taken you XX amount of years to get to where you are now, you are NOT going to change things over night, this is a whole new way of life, baby steps, one step at a time, and yes you will have days when it all turns to custard – so what, who cares, move on, let it go tomorrow is another day

Begin with one meal, so week one that might be breakfast. Find ways you can make what you are already eating that little bit healthier, what could you add or remove, what is your portion size like, are you even eating breakfast?

And start with a walk, yes you might need to get up 30 mins earlier or miss a bit of TV, but back to your 50 reasons why and then just do it!! You will feel awesome after just a few trips out, more energy, less stress and more able to face the day

Start researching food prep so that you have food ready to go that will give your body awesome nutrition and keep you stable

If you don’t plan and prepare your chances of success are a lot lower  no matter whether you are looking for weight loss or just to be healthier, over all this is probably the most important part

And lastly STOP worrying about weightloss. As the ladies completing my Re Shape Your Booty online 9-week Healthy Lifestyle Program,, will tell you, the kilos begin to disappear as your body naturally adjusts to healthier food and will begin to let you know when you have eaten enough

Making a change is a mindset, we are all capable of achieving what ever we put our minds to, its just a case of making a decision, setting a plan and getting on with it

Come on you can do it, and if you can’t do it alone, I am here to help you, click on the link above, or complete the contact details below and let me help you xx


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