Hello Winter Body?

And it sure arrived with a BOOM, 6 degrees in my gym at 4.30 am this morning WOW!

Got me wondering – what is your goal for the next 12 weeks until we welcome spring, do you even have a goal?

Or are you just going to snuggle down, bury yourself in jumpers and eat comfort food because its just too cold?

Was that a yes, REALLY!!

Tell you what, if I had a $$ for every time someone comes to me half way through spring and says they need to be fitter and thinner by summer, I would be retired on my own island somewhere

Guess what – its not going to happen, full stop, end of story

So lets get rid of a few excuses shall we

  1. it is NEVER too cold to work out! Surprisingly you heat up really quickly when you start exercising – no really, its true
  2. 12 weeks of little or no exercise and winter comfort food can not be undone in 2 or 3 weeks
  3. you do not catch colds by sweating in winter
  4. working out before dawn or after dusk is not harmful


So how are you going to treat your body this winter – with beautiful, nutritious meals and snacks that will improve your immune system, with continuous exercise that will have you emerge from winter looking and feeling great, or are you going to just sit it out and cross fingers that you don’t do too much damage

Up to you, there is so much help out there exercise videos, meal plans, mindset work, you don’t even have to leave home. So lets loose the excuses, put our big girl/boy pants on, set a goal and just get on with it

I promise you, you will be so glad you did xx


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