Chipmunks or ground hog day?

Day one of the school holidays, for one of my kids anyway, and here I am already in Chipmunks with my 5 year old who insists he is bored already!!

Don’t get me wrong, Chipmunks is great entertainment on a slightly cloudy, slightly cool day, it gives me a chance to get stuff done and it has free internet – Winning!

So in between training clients, chasing our semi feral cat who really needs to go to the vets, running from after school stuff to OT appointments, I finally have 30 minutes free to work on my online business – yay

Time to reflect, time to think and time to breathe

This week has been a bit on the emotional side, a bit on the bloody busy side and a bit on the oh wow side, got me thinking isn’t life like that unless you consciously take the time to say ENOUGH NOW, slow down, breathe, just be and take some time out

I’m sure its not just me, i’m sure if I asked any of you reading this right now when was the last time you just sat and reflected on where you are at the moment, what you have achieved, what you would like to achieve, what makes you happy and so on, that the majority of you wouldn’t be able to remember when?

I know, I can feel the rolling eyes – not that old chestnut again – “me time” what ever!! And off we go again, wondering along the way why nothing ever changes, how we got to half way through the year without noticing or doing that thing we promised ourselves in January, why we sometimes feel a bit lost

But hey i’m not going to go on to you about taking time out again, there is enough info about that out there without me adding to it, but I do wonder why we find it so hard to put ourselves before housework, shopping, cooking.

I mean REALLY, where did we learn that having all the washing folded neatly and a spotlessly clean house was more important than ourselves, our mental health, our physical health and sometimes our happiness?

This next few days I want to challenge you to take 10 minutes every day totally for you, read a book, meditate, stretch, walk, grab a coffee, do what ever that fills your soul and gives you energy to go forward. Put it in your diary if you need to but do it, the jobs will still be there after and I bet you will feel better about doing them

Remember, the most important person in your life is You and that applies to each and every one of us, without you being loved how are you going to love others

Let me know how you get on with your 10 minutes daily goal, each one of you who message me will receive a free over the phone Health and Wellness assessment, so put it  in your diary, decide how you are going to spend the time and share with me

Really looking forward to seeing how you get on and how you feel

Much love x



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