Kick Start Your Week

It’s The Weekend!!!!!!

Yay you made it through another week of work, school runs, after school activities, and unexpected events, well done, and through all of that you managed to stick to your new healthy lifestyle plan, you ate well, exercised, got organised, planned and even lost weight and now here you are at the weekend with no plan because you only planned for Monday to Friday, the kids at home, no routine and a family BBQ to go to

Before you let the weekend undo all that effort you put in during the week let’s look at how we can carry it through the weekend without missing out on any of the fun


  • Don’t go into the weekend without a plan

Having a plan does not have to mean you are the boring one who doesn’t relax and enjoy themselves at the end of the week. Having a plan does mean that you are prepared, it doesn’t need to be anything to heavy even just boiling some eggs to have in the fridge as a snack, preparing a healthy quinoa salad and having some ready cooked chicken to grab for lunch or preparing some healthy tv snacks will help you to keep on track. If you do have a get together to go to such as a BBQ take a big bowl of beautiful fresh salad with quinoa, make your own burgers to take, take some healthy snack alternatives to crisps and dips, no one will notice and they will probably dig in too



  • Fit in some exercise

Don’t leave Saturday and Sunday as your make up days for what you didn’t do during the week. Plan and organise something fun with all the family – take a ball or cricket set to the park or beach, go for a bush walk or mountain climb, get the bikes out and go for a cycle, go for a swim, take the dog a walk, go ice skating, do something that you all enjoy that doesn’t feel like exercise – enjoy yourself.

Try not to use exercise as an excuse to go and overindulge. Exercise should be something you do to celebrate your body and to nurture it, not a penance for over eating.

All the training in the world won’t undo the damage from a weekend of eating crap that not only will have a massive effect on your weight but also is not fantastic for your health



  • Take time to look at your week to come and plan

I know it’s the end of a busy week and you just want to chill and forget about next week, but it will be here before you know it and if you are prepared it is going to be so much easier

Once again having a plan will save you time, money and going off track.

Look at which days you need to have a pre-prepared dinner ready, what can you prepare for lunch and store or freeze, are you out during dinner time any night – what can you take with you to eat so that you don’t arrive home hungry and tired. What are you having for breakfast this week, can you make and store or do you need to make it the night before. What exercise are you going to do this week and when are you going to do it, is there something new that you are going to try this week

Can you plan 10 minutes a day of time just for you to do something that relaxes you – read a book, meditate, sit in the sun, stretch or just be and let your thoughts wander



  • Clean out that fridge and pantry

Before you go shopping this week give the fridge and pantry a quick sort out and clean.

This will save you from buying things you already have two of right at the back of the shelf (a favourite of mine!!) and you will know what you need to add to your list to buy to make the meals and snacks that you have on your plan.

Living a healthier lifestyle is not helped by opening the fridge or pantry door and having junky food staring you in the face, so get rid of it and replace it with a healthier alternative

Visit somewhere different to shop, check out your local markets or just a different supermarket – be daring and buy at least one new vegetable that you haven’t eaten before


If you are looking at changing your lifestyle and are confused by all the conflicting information out there, and honestly who wouldn’t be, or simply don’t have the time to wade through it all in order to put a plan of action together, then reach out.

I am happy to help you 1:1 or we have an online 8-week program to help you change your life around take a look here




Talk soon, happy planning


Much love


Jacqui xx

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