Making A Healthier You

As we finish this round of our 8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Online Program I thought I would put together some golden rules for moving forward with your healthier you goals

Our program has covered these points and so many more in great depth and the participants have gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of how to move forward with their lives to a healthier and happier place

Hopefully they will help you too

1. Do Not Label Food As Good Or Bad

As I always say, food is just that food! We need energy to survive and that energy comes from food in the form of kilojules (calories) Too much energy going in leads to increased body fat, reducing energy intake can decrease body fat. Where the energy comes from is important to your health and well being, for instance if your energy intake comes from highly processed foods chances are that your saturated fat, sugar and salt intake are going to be higher than ideal which can lead to disease. Whereas if your energy intake comes largely from whole foods, fresh produce and is prepared by you then you are going to be fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to run at optimum performance. Now none of us are saints, the occasional cake, pizza or chocolate bar is not going to make a difference to your general health. So my golden rule – stick to 90%/10% rule but when you do eat something you wouldn’t normally enjoy every mouthful, do not feel guilty and then move on, let it go don’t let it cloud your food choices for the rest of the day


  1. Develop Healthy Lifestyle Routines

Having routines and processes in place can sound mundane and boring but they will make your life so much easier and will help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. If you do what you have always done you are going to get what you have always got – which may have led to you feeling less than healthy and carrying a few extra kilos. Create routines which help you towards your goal and stick to them. It takes an average of 21 days to develop a new habit after that it just becomes something that you do, so do not give up after a few days, make a commitment to yourself!


  1. Eat Clean 90% Of Time

As I mentioned earlier avoid processed foods as much as you can, remember the more processed the less likely that they are going to provide the nutrients your body needs – so why eat them, again remember the 90/10% rule


  1. Be Accountable

Make yourself accountable!! If you have made a goal to eat healthier, exercise more, lose 5 kg, walk every day or join a gym also add to that goal some way that you are going to be accountable. Ask a friend to be your accountability partner, put up pictures of your goal to remind you daily, ask yourself every time you eat or choose not to exercise “is this taking me towards my goal or away from my goal”


  1. Control Your Portions

Learn your portion sizes, nothing is off the menu but too much of even the healthiest food will move you further from your goals


  1. Monitor Your Food

If your goal is weight loss, tracking what you eat is one of the most important steps. Yes it is time consuming, yes it is boring but until you know and understand your portion sizes and calorie intake inside out then it is really important to use a method such as My Fitness Pal to keep you on track, One day it will be second nature to you and you wont need to track so much, but until that day……..


  1. Exercise And Make It fun

In order to live a healthier lifestyle, you simple have to exercise. A sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain and disease. So, find something you enjoy, make it fun, change it up to keep it exciting and get moving, no excuse!


  1. Eat Often

Keep your body fuelled so that you don’t get to the point of being so hungry that you grab the first snack you see healthy or not. Regular eating also keeps your metabolism on an even keel which help to burn the calories you consume


  1. Replace Your Unhealthy Food Choices

Get online, get your cook books out or get to the library and find recipes to replace your favourite not so healthy foods. There are great pizza, desert, chocolate, cake, pasta, cheese, muffin, cracker, chip and dip recipes out there with all the nasties removed and awesome nutrition added, go experiment and have fun


  1. Drink

You will have more energy, your metabolism will work more efficiently, you will get less headaches and probably consume less calories. If you have trouble drinking enough water make smoothies for breakfast, make a big jug of water and fresh fruit, get inventive


  1. Plan And Prepare

Planning and food prep is your road map and vehicle for a healthy lifestyle. When you make intentional food choices they are likely to be healthier. Without a plan, what happens next? yep we end up speed eating, grabbing convenience food or snacks instead of a carefully thought out meal which will give our body the nutrition and correct amount of energy that it needs



12. Get In The Kitchen

Get in the kitchen, discover new recipes and cooking methods, make it a fun family time – give your children an appreciation of good food and an understanding of what food choices to make, rather than dialing a pizza

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