Good Morning Exercise


When talking to people about their fitness and health I find one of the biggest hurdles they face is not enough time. I get it, we all live busy lives and quite often the very last person we allot any of that precious time to is ourselves, but honestly where does that get us?

Now I have been as guilty as the next person when it comes to not making yourself a priority, so my solution is to do an early morning workout, I realize with work schedules etc this is not possible for everyone but if the only thing between you and a healthier fitter body is lying in bed for another 60 minutes then making a habit of early workouts is very achievable for you

I love working out in the morning for a couple of reasons, first it is an amazing part of the day, calm, quiet, no distractions or interruptions plus you get to see some beautiful sunrises, second I get my exercise done and dusted before the day and a thousand excuses get in the way. I don’t know about you but once the kids are up and work starts my day is busy and I know trying to find 45-60 mins to work out is not likely to happen, and last but not least I feel positive, energetic and ready to face the day when I work out at early, so much so that if for some reason I miss it I feel out of sorts all day

Like to give it a try nut not sure how to make it work? Below are some great tips to make early morning workouts a reality for you


Tips for making early morning workouts a habit

  • Go to bed at a reasonable time, there is no way you are going to get up early if you go to bed at midnight, so decide how much sleep you need and count back from get up time eg I need a good 8 hours so am in bed by 8.30 which works for me getting up at 4.30


  • Make sure your get up to exercise time is realistic for you, just because 4.30 works for me does not mean it will be great for you, maybe 5.30 or 6 fits you better. There is nothing to gain by dragging yourself up and out to exercise if you are simply not able to function at that time plus you won’t keep it up long term


  • Have everything you need prepared and ready to go, having to search around in the morning for your trainers and socks gives you a great excuse not to get up. I have my gym gear all ready to step into and my water bottle and Nitro supplement in the kitchen ready to collect on my way through


  • Plan your exercise and write out what you are doing each day. If you arrive ready to go but don’t know what to do firstly deciding eats into your exercise time plus it’s also another great excuse not to get up


  • If you can do your exercise at home, that way you have no travel time, you are home for the kids if you need to be and you won’t have to get up quite so early. You don’t need lots of equipment, stretch/resistance bands maybe a couple of dumbbells or a kettlebell or medicine ball is more than enough, you can do an awesome work out with just body weight


  • If you are a music person put together your favourites on a playlist to motivate you, personally I enjoy working out in the morning without music before the noise of the day begins


  • Stick with your new habit for at least 3 weeks exercising 3-5 mornings a week. Habits do not build overnight so give it time, yes you will struggle some mornings but I promise you, you will get to a point where it becomes natural and you really miss it if you don’t do it


Lastly if you are sitting reading this thinking that’s all great but I just cant get up any earlier – yes you can! It comes back to where your priorities lie, make you and your health your top priority, set your alarm and when it goes off put your foot on the floor go brush your teeth and you are awake and ready



Awesome body weight exercises


Lunge stationary or walking

Sumo squat


Push up

Tricep pushup

Plank build up

Star jump


Mountain climbers

All core exercises



If you would like help putting together your exercise plan please complete the contact form below, now go set your alarm for an hour earlier than normal, get together everything you will need, go to bed a little earlier and begin your new habit


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