Kick Start Your Week

It’s The Weekend!!!!!! Yay you made it through another week of work, school runs, after school activities, and unexpected events, well done, and through all of that you managed to stick to your new healthy lifestyle plan, you ate well, exercised, got organised, planned and even lost weight and now here you are at the … More Kick Start Your Week

Shopping Tactics

Food Shopping, love it or hate it we just can’t avoid it   Entering in to a supermarket without a plan and a list is the best way to over spend and get home with lots of brightly coloured boxes and packets, lots of inviting sugary snacks and nothing to make a meal with All … More Shopping Tactics

Going Green Day 6

My beautiful friend Nicky shared this recipe with me and I thought it would make a great lunch dish or dinner accompaniment along side chicken or fish. I  would also add more vegetables and tofu or beans as I dont eat animal or fish protien, but this is a great base   Healthy Fried Rice … More Going Green Day 6