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With the winter months just around the corner we are all perhaps a little guilty of changing our diet to warm comfort foods. Unfortunately 3 or 4 months of that can take its toll on our spring body, so how can we enjoy a diet change without the extra weight gain, here is one way – simply changing our cooking method
Slow Cookers
Did you know this is one of the best ways to cook and retain nutrient content as well as being convenient and easy. There are endless beautiful soups full of winter vegetables, lasagna using zucchini slices in place of pasta and ricotta instead of cheese sauce, bolognase using Jamie Oliver 7 vegetable sauce, whole chicken, curry, stuffed peppers, stews, vegetarian chilli, the list goes on. Slow cookers are not just for stews, Google or use your imagination add lots of vegetables spices such as turmeric, beans, pulses and enjoy
To HIIT or not to HIIT
High Intensity Interval Training, should you or shouldn’t you?
Let’s take a look at what it is then you can decide
As it says in the name HIIT is performing different exercises at high intensity for intervals of time followed by a short interval of rest, such as Tabata 20/10 or Metcon 45(60)/15. The exercises can be repeated as in Tabata eg Squat or Burpee, or a series of different exercises repeated in a sequence as in Metcon. The fact that it is high intensity can exclude you if you have injuries, medical conditions or a low fitness level, although the intensity can be lowered for the beginner. HIIT is short and sharp, generally lasting for 4-30 minutes of hard work.
What will you achieve

  1. You may increase your metabolism for up to 36/48 hours after finishing the workout
  2.  improve your insulin sensitivity
  3.  induce excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) better known as the afterburn effect – basically your body burns extra calories to repair muscle and replace fuel stores, the more intense the HIIT the more calorie
  4.  improve Vo2 Max, the body’s max capacity to transport and use oxygen during exercise
  5.  burn more body fat than during steady state exercise such as treadmil
  6.  increase lean muscle mass

What you will not achieve
Although during HIIT you can loose body fat and gain lean muscle mass this type of exercise perhaps is not for you if you are trying to gain a significant amount of muscle mass

So with some of the benefits listed above, there are plenty more, and the only big disadvantage being that you cant bulk up via this method, this exercise is a great way to workout. Heaps of variety with endless combinations of activities, lots of fun, time efficient and equipment is not necessary so you can do it anywhere

I have a HIIT bonus just for you – 3 workouts, 1 body weight, 1 weights and one that can be done at anywhere.
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Cat, Tired, Yawn, Stretch, Relaxed
The Importance of Stretching.Have you ever noticed just how many times a day your cat or dog stretches?

Firstly, without stretching your muscles will shorten and tighten
Why does this matter, well shorter, tighter muscles will affect your posture and lesson your range of movement. Not a big deal in your 20’s maybe, but once we hit the magical 30 and older having a good posture and retaining as much range of movement as possible will have an enormous effect on how we get to enjoy middle and old age.
If you can no longer get in and out of the car or reach the top cupboard or get in and out of the spa without assistance life becomes a little less enjoyable, if when you ask a muscle to carry out an action it is too weak or unable to extend fully, you may no longer be able to continue with hobbies or activities that you have enjoyed in the past

Secondly, stretching increases blood flow to the muscle. Increased blood flow helps to lessen the build up of lactic acid that occurs after a work out, helping you to avoid soreness and fatigue. The increased blood flow also brings along fresh nutrients and oxygen, both of which are needed inorder for the muscle to develop and grow

And lastly stretching is beautifully relaxing. Take 10 minutes to yourself, put together your favorite stretches, breathe and relax. There is no better way to start or finish your day, it will help you to focus, lower stress levels, and plan your day

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