Online 8 Week Program

Hey, welcome to Reshape Your Booty 8 week lifestyle program

So much can be achieved and so much can change in just 8 weeks that you will amaze yourself and your family

The difference 

Firstly, this is a 8 week program, not the traditional 12. Personally, I find for my clients that 12 weeks is too daunting and many people drop out before the end.

For those of you with children, 12 weeks will either start or end in the school holidays which can throw extra hurdles your way.  Eight weeks fits nicely into term time.

Secondly, this is not a done for you program, it is a done with you program. If everything is handed to you already done then you have no ownership of it, which makes it easier to walk away from, plus you will not learn how to make a change. Here at Reshape Your Booty we aim to give you the skills to reshape your lifestyle not just for 8 weeks but for the rest of your life. We work from the inside out starting with what is going on in your mind – the stories you tell yourself and work towards changing those thoughts that don’t serve you so that you can make lasting changes to your health, weight and fitness

I have  had my own struggles with self esteem, food, eating and mindset, I understand and have probably experienced similar to a lot of you out there I who are having  difficulties, I can relate, I understand and am pretty unshockable!

And last but not least, I am not a twenty something year old, gorgeous, skinny girl dressed in a crop top and tight pants! I am a fit, healthy 52-year-old with young children, a business or two to run, a house to clean, animals to feed and school lunches to make – I get it! 


What you can expect

  • Weekly education, advice and tips on creating a healthier diet with a meal plan tailored to you but done together
  • Fortnightly  group online Q&A session
  • Exercise plans and how to plan yours
  • Fortnightly  mindset videos
  • Daily access to Jacqui via social media or email
  • Become part of the Change Your Lifestyle Family with your own Facebook support group
  • Accountability and advice via My Fitness Pal with Jacqui checking your meals weekly
  • Shopping tips and ideas and how to plan your list
  • Guest speakers
  • Find your why
  • Food prep info and meal planning
  • Reshape Your Booty Mindset Journal, Reshape Your Booty Exercise Journal, Reshape Your Booty Recipe Book, Reshape Your Booty Food Journal, Reshape Your Booty Nutritional Guidelines
  • Discounted access to further programs

If what you have read makes you excited at transforming your lifestyle, if you would like to be one of the early birds who receives an extra bonus for being an action taker or if you want to be one of the first to be notified of the start date, then complete the form below and Jacqui will be in contact  to advise you of your bonus and how you can join the Reshape Your Booty 8 Week Challenge family.

We are so excited and look forward to supporting you to achieve your health and wellness goals and maintain them for the rest of your life.

With love,

Jacqui xo