Online Consult

Want to work with me but don’t live locally.  Online consultations are a great option for anyone outside of my area who want a health, fitness and accountability coach to support them to achieve the results you desire.

This is a complimentary 20-minute online consultation via Zoom or phone.

What To Expect

During our consultation you can expect to;

  • Discover what your greatest challenge is and why
  • Discover what this is currently costing you
  • What you ultimately want to achieve
  • How we may be able to work together to achieve your desired outcome

Something in your life has bought you to this point, there is something that you feel you need to change. This could be the beginning of that change for you, the beginning of a new direction that takes you to your goal

Fill out your details below and we will be in touch via email to arrange a suitable time for your consultation.