“Jacqui’s program has been an essential step for me to take on my lifestyle and mindset changes. The 8 week program really digs deep into why you are where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. She helps you learn lifelong skills to overcome habits and temptation. It’s a safe place to share, be accountable and the amount of support is fantastic. Since starting the program it feels as though my mental and physical health have really stepped up, I’m looking forward to the future with my new skills and knowledge in hand.”

Aileen Qld


Evening everyone I just wanted to stop in and share my happy news. As of this morning (hubby supported me buying some new scales… the digital kind that not only do weight but also body fat %, muscle mass % and hydration %) and thanks to the amazing Jacqui and her “Reshape Your Booty” program I have lost 3.4kgs in the past 5 weeks. I wanted to do 500gms a week and ease back into my new lifestyle so I am rapped to have lost this much so far with still 2 more weeks of the challenge to come! I have found her support and advice, esp on mindset (which is a big part of the reason I joined) so helpful. So if anyone of you are sitting there wondering IF the program is worth considering I would say 100%. It is not the first challenge online I have done but it is the first one that I have had such good results with!

Shirley QLD

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Well week 8 and I have to say whilst I’m still feeling very human I’m happy to also be able to say I can see changes starting to happen. My shoulders are leaner and more muscular. My calves have definitely lost weight and gained muscle shape. Also the tops of my thighs are start to become thighs with some shape as opposed to bricks 😂😂😂 and my stomach is definitely starting to get smaller and less rounded. So bring on the rest of 2017…. going to smashing it! Thanks again Jacqui for your help expertise encouragement and advice 😙😙😙😙😙


 Well I have made it! The 8 week program was the best I have ever done.  I have learnt so much about food and health,  lost 7 kgs, feel better about myself have more energy.
Jacqui has been there the whole time for support and  I have also learnt a lot more recipes from the other ladies in the program. I am more motivated to even go further now and highly recommend this program for anyone looking to get healthy, I feel amazing, more toned and best of all eat better now thank you Jacqui
Peta QLD

Since starting the Reshape Your Booty 8 Week Program, I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition, balanced meals and colour! Lots of colour on the plate….and it’s worked.  I now think more about my meals, planning, and healthy snacks are also on hand these days.

My mindset has also improved, with the added bonus of group zooms with the other members of the group as well as speaking with Jacqui and Renae, these catch ups really helped to keep me motivated.  Posting photographs of our healthy meals within the group, sharing recipes and supporting one another has been great as well. I’ve reconnected with my love for exercise and am certainly feeling the benefits of this combined with my healthier lifestyle and ….. I am worth it!

Moving forward, I’ve gained lots of knowledge and I’m feeling very positive.  Also knowing I have somebody like Jacqui only a phone call away makes it seem a lot easier.  She is a fountain of knowledge, a genuine, beautiful, caring soul & I’m so grateful to have her as a friend.

I definitely recommend this Program.  It will certainly give you a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle along with the tools to continue on your healthy living journey.


Debbie QLD



What a difference six months can make.
After an indulgent Xmas 2016 and a festive New Year I discovered I was 7kg heavier- & not happy.
I did some local research and found Jacqui. I’ve never looked back.
Back in January Jacqui listened to me, offered suggestions on changes to diet and exercise techniques to implement at home.
Jacqui has been instrumental in helping me achieve my weight loss goal, which I have just accomplished.
But along the way I have gained incredible muscle tone, increased fitness and a general feeling of “wellness”. I could not be happier.
Even though I have achieved what I set out to do, I will continue to train with Jacqui to see what else I am capable of. I know with Jacqui training me & pushing me past my comfort zones I can achieve something amazing with this 46yr old body of mine!
Bring on the rest of 2017.


Cara QLD